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*Bulk products are PICKUP ONLY at our Swissvale Location (2218 Palmer St, Swissvale, PA 15218).
*Pricing is per ton.
*Please call for tri-axle quantities at a reduced price: (412) 321-7669 ext 213.

ClearLane® enhanced deicer – is bulk deicing salt blended with a mixture of liquid magnesium chloride and a patented corrosion inhibitor. This treatment helps eliminate scatter and allows for more effective melting per application.

When considering ClearLane® enhanced deicer, one must consider:

  • Cost savings: Less scatter = less cost; No need for buying pumps/nozzles/sprayers.
  • Ease of handling: Does not clump over time. No additional equipment needed. ClearLane® should be kept in covered storage. Pre-mixed product eliminates the need for additional labor to mix product and provides an evenly blended finished product.
  • Deicing effectiveness: Melts down to a lower temperature (as low as -20F) than regular rock salt.
  • Corrosiveness to equipment: Tests show that ClearLane® enhanced deicer is 67% less corrosive than regular rock salt, helping to extend the life of your equipment..
  • Residual Effect: More time between reapplications, which reduces total cost (gas, labor hours, equipment and maintenance costs). Magnesium Chloride remains on the road helping to prevent a bond from forming between the road and new falling precipitation.
  • Visually appealing: Green color makes it easy to see when spreading.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Recognized by the U.S. EPA as a Design for the Environment (DfE) product, ClearLane enhanced deicer offers the same effective snow fighting characteristics you depend on while utilizing safer ingredients when compared to other products in the same class.

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